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Alison's Aquatic School

Alison's Aquatic School welcomes students of all ages, including adults. Students of different ages and/or skill levels can be accommodated at the same time, making the schedule convenient for families. Parents are considered an important part of the learning process and are invited to be present during lessons. Lessons are 45 minutes, with 35 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes of free swim. Parents may join in free swim if they wish. The student-teacher ratio is usually 5:1 or less with individual coaching offered for special needs. Private or semi-private lessons can be arranged by appointment.

The Aquatic School began in Alison's backyard pool during the summer of 1981 at the request of some friends and neighbors. It soon blossomed into an endeavor compelled to continue every summer. Located on the edge of an expansive agricultural meadow with a spectacular view of Camel's Hump. Many friends of the pool have worked together with Alison to create this place as an oasis for healthy exercise and fun, growth in swimming skill, and renewal of the spirit.


There are patios with picnic tables and sitting areas to enjoy the pool, the view and the gazebo, a marvelous place for parties. There is also a meditation area in the beautiful Garden of Hearts, with trees and shrubs planted in various shapes of hearts, featuring the massive and inspiring Heart Rock, brought especially from a quarry in Cambridge.


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